Message from a representative

In September of 2017, a new company was born in Japan’s Tohoku region. Its name is Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tohoku Murata Manufacturing will challenge the further development and growth of the battery business both as a member of the Murata Manufacturing Group, a global integrated electronic-component manufacturer that continually produces cutting-edge electronic components, and as a core company of the Murata Group’s energy business.

The company is based in Fukushima Prefecture’s Koriyama City, the birthplace of commercial lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and also has manufacturing sites in the nearby cities of Motomiya and Kanuma (Tochigi Prefecture), along with a network of overseas locations including Singapore and Wuxi. Together with our suppliers, we will continue to contribute to environmentally friendly society and the advancement of people’s lives through the development, design, and manufacturing of our core products—lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, silver-oxide batteries, and coin manganese dioxide lithium batteries—as well as energy storage systems.

We will also support all of our employees and partners in becoming the “innovators” of that advancement, and playing leading roles in change and reform.

Director Yoshihiro Nishida