Business Outline

■ No. 1 in Coils

Our strength lies in its world top-class coil technology, which we have continued to build up since we began developing IFT coils for transistor radios.

Our ability to come up with products that sometimes exceed our customers’ imaginations comes from our unrivalled creative development capabilities and the abundance of experience and technological strengths that we have cultivated over our long history.

■ Development Capabilities that Create the Next World Standard

Our proud of its record of launching many products that shatter accepted theories. Ideas that go that next step further are born of a corporate environment that is open and free. Unconstrained by common wisdoms, our development endeavors continue as we strive to create new coils and electronic components that will please the market.

■ Solution Proposals that Look at the True Objective

From high-performance coils that incorporate cutting-edge needs, to standard products that our customers have appreciated for many years, we have rolled out a wide range of products. So that electronic devices can display the very best performance possible, we propose the optimal solutions for that product.

■ Major Domains

No. 1 Manufacture of Metal Alloy

We have an extensive line-up of Metal Alloy products that are perfect for DC/DC converter circuits, which need to be increasingly smaller, low-profile, high-efficiency, and have ever high electricity currents. Our DFEC (Ultra- compact, high-performance Metal Alloy Power inductor), which we developed in 2009, is installed in many small electronic devices such as smartphones.
By pursuing lower profiles and improved features and expanding our line-up of products to meet the needs of the times, we will do our part to achieve smaller size, lower profile, higher efficiency and higher electricity currents in DC/DC converter circuits.

Leap into the In-Vehicle Electronics Business

In recent times, there has been a growing demand for “safety, comfort, and convenience” in the in-vehicle electronics market. To meet these needs appropriately, We have rolled out transceiver antenna coils and transmission antenna modules for keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Rolling out our highly reliable Metal Alloy power inductors and other components for electronic control units (ECU), We are supporting safety, comfort and convenience in the in-vehicle electronics market.