2.1kWh Energy Storage Module System

2.1kWh Energy Storage Module System
Energy Storage Module has lithium ion rechargeable batteries with 2.1kWh capacity.
BMU can collectively control the multiple storage modules connected to it.
BMU-Hub can be used to check the status of the entire system comprising multiple BMU's.

Murata Icon X Feature

  • High Safety : Olivine-type lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries with excellent thermal stability and storage characteristics are used in this product. The module is with a self-monitoring function, for detection of any abnormalities in energy storage. The monitored status can be communicated to an external controller to safely manage the usage state of the battery.
  • Long Life : The battery can be expected to remain serviceable for more than 10 years, provided it is charge and discharge once a day at room temperature (23 deg C). 
  • Quick Charge : More than 90% of the capacity can be charge in one hour.
  • High Scalability : Multiple energy storage modules can be connected to the controller to meet the requirements (voltage, capacity).

Murata Icon X 2.1kWh Energy Storage Module

Murata Icon X BMU (Battery Management Unit)

Murata Icon X BMU-HUB

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