FORTELION 24V Battery Module

Murata's FORTELION 24V Battery Module is built with olivine-type lithium ion iron phosphate secondary batteries (FORTELION), which are known for their longevity, safety, and fast-charging capability.
Murata's FORTELION 24V Battery Module is capable of monitoring each Battery Module's Voltage, Current, Temperature & Capacity Value through CAN communication.
It is possible to customize voltage and capacity in order to meet the requirements of wide range of applications including Robot, AGV, etc.

Separate type

Model NameLIPY032WWPCSY6(Battery Module)
System configurationBattery Module+BMU
Nominal Voltage / Capacity
(per module)
25.6V / 24Ah / 614Wh
Max Discharge Current50A / 40A / 30A
(5sec / 25sec / cont.)
Max Charge Current24A (1C)
Module Max Configuration2s10p
Battery Communication I/FCAN Bus
(Murata original format)
Dust and Water proofNot supported
Safety regulationIEC62133
Dimension (module)259(L) x 71(W) x 245(H) (mm)
Weight (module)7.3kg (Module)

All-in-one type

Items Specifications
Model Name LIPY041WWPCSY6
System configuration All-in-one (BMU function is included)
Nominal Voltage / Capacity
(one module)
25.6V / 21Ah / 537Wh
Max Discharge Current 100A / 80A / 60A
(5sec / 25sec / cont.)
Max Charge Current 42A (2C)
Module Max Configuration 2s10p
Battery Communication I/F CAN Bus, U-art
(Murata original format)
Dust and Water proof IP54 rating
Safety regulation IEC/UL62133, IEC62619
Dimension 195(L) x 132(W) x 180(H) (mm)
Weight 6.5kg

PDF Catalog

FORTELION 24V Battery Module (PDF: 0.5 MB)


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