CeramicCapacitorGA3 Series

  • General
  • Safety Standard
  • Complied with RoHS
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Safety Standard Certified Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

UL60950-1 Certified Product


1. UL60950-1 certified product.

Please down load Safety Standard Certification (Type GD) from here.

2. Can be uesd for UL60950-1 devices.

DAA Modem   - Transformer Less -

3. Realized large capacitance value and small size while maintaining high withstand voltages by the multilayer structure.

Example of Structure

4. This product is only for reflow soldering.


Size(mm) 4.5x2.0mm - 4.5x3.2mm
Rated Voltage 250Vac(r.m.s.)
Capacitance 10pF - 4700pF
Main applications Modem


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