CeramicCapacitorGGM Series

  • Powertrain
  • Complies with RoHs
  • AEC-Q200
  • Water Repellert
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Water Repellent Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive

Ion migration resulting from condensation minimized by the water repellent coating of the capacitor surfaces! Capacitor for automotive applications such as power train and safety equipment.


1. Ion migration resulting from condensation minimized by applying a water-repellent treatment film to the surfaces of monolithic ceramic capacitors.

The water-repellent treatment film acts to delay the formation of droplets of water on the surface of the capacitor due to condensation. In addition, the characteristics of this treatment film make it difficult for the metal of the external electrodes (terminations) to leach into the droplets of water.

Example of Structure

2. Ideal for powertrains and safety devices in automotive.

This product can be used for safety devices, such as the drive system control for engine ECU, air bags, and ABS.
This product has cleared test conditions more severe than that of general products (GXM Series) even in temperature cycle and humidity load tests.

Items GXM Series for general
Maximum operating temperature:105℃
GGM Series for automotive
Maximum operating temperature:125℃
Test Method Test Method

Temperature Cycle

Temperature Cycle :5 cycles

Temperature Cycle :1,000 cycles

Humidity Loading

Test temperature:40±2℃
Test humidity:90~95%RH
Test time:500 hours

Test temperature:85±2℃
Test humidity:80~85%RH
Test time:1,000 hours

3. This product complies with the AEC-Q200 automotive industry standard, and it is ideally suited to ECUs and other forms of drive system control as well as to safety equipment.


Rated Voltage
Main applications Safety equipment,such as drive system control,air bags,and ABS of engine ECU


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