DMF Series

High Power Type
Low ESR and
High Capacitance in Small, Slim Package~


- World’s highest level output power 
  Discharge up to 50W per piece 
- High power density / Small and slim package
  Optimum for portable devices or devices with limited space
- High energy / Flexible charge-discharge
  Higher power is available by connecting several supercapacitors
  in series or parallel
- Low ESR and Stable ESR even at lower temperatures
Low leakage current 
   less than 5μA @96hrs(*1)
- High reliability
  Characteristic degradation is reduced by excellent package sealing
   and optimized electrochemical system
Long charge-discharge cycle life

(*1)Part number: DMF3Z5R5H474M3DTA0

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Murata Icon X Series Lineup

*Rated voltage: 5.5V is the peak voltage. Maximum continuous operating time is limited by the applied voltage and temperature. For more details, please refer to our Technical Note or product specification.