Benefits and Applications - DMH series-

SubTitleIconNo01 Peak Power Assist

The DMH series provides instantaneous high output on the order of Watt because of its high capacitance and low ESR despite its small size and thinness.

It can assist the high peak load and contribute to performance improvement of slim devices.

  • Reduce battery load and improve cycle life
  • Enable the use of lower power battery or reduction of the number of series connections
  • Enable to add high power function without high power battery 
load leveling2 

[Application examples]
(1) Portable Device driven by Coin cell battery

<Specific applications>
Smart watch, Fitness band, Tracker device,
Insulin pump, Mobile devices using coin cell batteries, 
needing small device size and having complex functions

<DMH solution>
・Assist peak power for coin cell batteries and enhance the function in your device
・Extend active time until system shutdown
・Can be mounted in dead space (e.g. under a battery) and save the board space 

For more details, please see "Application note".

(2)  Smart Card*
<Specific Applications>
Smart Card, Universal Card, Finger Print Card
Security card, ID card , Card type electrical equipment

<DMH Solution>
・High capacitance for energy buffer
Thin profile for card thickness (0.76mm: ISO/IEC 7810)


*The DMH series can be used not only for battery powered smart cards, but also for those powered by wireless charger such as NFC.  (Please refer to 3. Energy harvesting system.)

For more details, please see "Application note".              

(3) E-paper device

 <Specific Applications>

Electrical Shelf Label, E-tag,

E-reader, Flat and mobile type, 

E-paper display


 <DMH solution>

・Quick rewriting of E-paper display

For more details, 

please see "Application note".


(4) Patch type device

 <Specific Application>

Mobile type electro-cardiogram, Advanced wound care machine,

Patch type wearable device


 <DMH solution>

・Assist battery peak power and Extend active time until system shutdown

・Very light weight


SubTitleIconNo02 Backup Applications

High power backup!!

Enables to add Quick and high power backup function even in compact devices 

back up circuitback up
            Constant current discharge                                    Constant power discharge

SubTitleIconNo03 Energy Harvesting System

Maintenance-free energy storage device combined with energy harvesters


Optimum storage device for
Small energy loss because of low ESR
Can be used at wide temperature range

Compact devices or card type devices such as smart cards using

micro and macro energy harvesting systems

 Energy harvest
harvester circuit