Mounting Guide for Supercapacitor

SubTitleIcon6    Mounting Guide for Supercapacitor(EDLC) 

Thank you for using Murata's supercapcitors(EDLC).
Murata's supercapacitors must be soldered manually due to their construction.
This application note provides an overview of important points in manual soldering process.

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- Solder mounting method -

Pretreatment process
  • Please put the solder paste on the land.
  • Please melt solder paste by reflow process *1 and form solder layer on the land.
  • Please temporarily fix the supercapacitor(EDLC) on the PCB by a double-stick tape or something.

Pretreatment process
*1 The condition of reflow profile depends on solder materials. Please confirm it with the vendor of solder paste. For reference, please see the following example of the reflow profile.

Murata standard reflow condition
Murata standard reflow condition

Preparing hand soldering conditions

Please solder under the following conditions.
Solder Type: Resin flux cored solder wire 
Solder: Lead-free solder: Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu
Soldering iron temperature: 350degC ±10degC
Solder iron wattage: 70W or less

Hand soldering

  • Please heat both the supercapacitor terminal and the PCB land by soldering iron and melt a solder on the land.
  • Please put the pre-cut length of solder wire (For Φ1mm, 2-3mm length) on a terminal*3 and heat until it melts*2.
  • Please put solder wire on a terminal and heat until it melts*2.

Process flow
Process flow
*2 Soldering time
Allowable soldering frequencies: 3 times/device.
Please do not touch laminate package directly by solder iron.

Soldering time
*3 Precautions when using tweezers
Please be careful not to break the terminal by pulling it by tweezers because its aluminum part is breakable.