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Replacing film capacitors in LED lighting (technical article)

Studies into the adoption of small components in keeping with the trend toward saving space on substrates are being promoted so that the illuminating angle of LED lighting equipment can be widened and heat dissipation can be improved. At the same time, cost reductions and designs for extending the service life of equipment are also required. 

If we actually check inside LED lighting equipment, we will find that large components are densely packed on the substrate. If existing designs are left as they are, it will be difficult to secure enough space to widen the illuminating angle and ensure heat dissipation measures.
We are suggesting the replacement of film capacitors with ceramic capacitors as one means of solving this.

Murata Icon X Three advantages of replacing Film capacitors with ceramic capacitors

➀Because ceramic components are smaller than Film capacitors, space will be conserved.

➁Little withstanding voltage deterioration at high temperatures.

➂Outstanding humidity resistance.

Ceramic capacitors are much smaller! They are more resistant to heat and humidity!

Murata Icon X Ceramic capacitors are recommended for customers who:

・Want to achieve cost reductions

・Want to reduce the size of the circuit board

・Want to reduce the size of capacitors

・You want to improve reliability under high temperature and humidity conditions.

Capacitors that are replacement candidates: C4, C5

For detailed information, please download the respective PDF files.

Proposal to replace film capacitors in LED lighting(Smoothing capacitor) 

Proposal to replace film capacitors in LED equipment
 Smaller size and reduced costs
 - Smaller capacitors
 - Overall cost reductions due to smaller substrates
 - Higher performance
 - Low impedance (reduced noise)
 - Stable operation at high temperatures
 - Improved humidity resistance

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