Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor
Murata offers the No. 1 most abundant lineup in the industry, responding to all possible needs, and proposing ideal solutions.
Continuing to evolve as the world's No.1 manufacturer of multilayer ceramic capacitor.
What's New!
  12/06/2017   Updated "What kind of Ceramic Capacitors do you have? " in FAQ.  
  12/05/2017   Added new series to Safety Certificates by Series.
Safety Certificates DE1 series Type RB (PDF)
  11/13/2017   News Murata expands lineup of GCG series, MLCCs for use with conductive glue for automotive  
  10/12/2017   News Murata introduces its largest capacitance 3-terminal capacitor in the 05035 / 0402 inch size for smartphones  
  10/11/2017   News Murata's water repellant capacitor for car infotainment systems  
  09/25/2017   Added 1 item to Application Support.
An Alternative solution, for Smartphone applications, instead of Tantalum Capacitor
  09/05/2017   Added 1 item to Examples of Problem Solving.  
  07/27/2017   The ESD resistance of capacitors is described.  
  07/19/2017   Publish the material of failure modes in FAQ.
  07/19/2017   “CapacitorsQ&A” is posted.
  05/15/2017   News Murata launches surface mount type Y1 class safety certified capacitor  
  05/10/2017   “Approach in selection of capacitors for base station issues” is posted.
  05/08/2017   New series
Safety Standard Certified Resin Molding SMD Type Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose DK1 Series
200℃ Operation Lead Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive RHS series lineup
  News 008004 size temperature compensation type MLCC with capacitance of 100pF, another world-first from Murata  
  News Murata introduces high-reliability 3 terminal 0603 size capacitor for advanced driver assistance systems  
  News Murata introduces lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors for 200°C automobile use  
  11/02/2016   Publish the "Choice of capacitors for industrial equipment"  
  Added the "Application Support" ,
  Publish the "
Replacing film capacitors in LED lighting"

  Added ability to compare electrical characteristics data in product search results
  07/08/2016   News 1210 size/100V with capacitance of 10μF, another world-first from Murata
  05/13/2016   Publish the mass table in FAQ.
  05/06/2016   Thin 0.2mm multilayer ceramic capacitors at 0201/1μF and 0402/2.2μF  GRM series
  New series

  3 terminal low ESL Cermic Capacitor for noise measurement and power decoupling of highspeed electrical divises NFM series

  For Automotive IEC60384-14 X1/Y2 Class Certified Product (Basic insulation product) KCA series
  High Q Ceramic Capacitor for high frequency for Automotive GCQ series
News 008004 size temperature compensation type MLCC with capacitance of 100pF, another world-first from Murata

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Certificates of the International Standard (IEC60384-14).


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Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors (PDF: 6.2 MB)

  • CAT NO. c02e-20
  • UPDATE 12/7/2016
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Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive (PDF: 4.1 MB)

  • CAT NO. c03e-9
  • UPDATE 6/22/2017
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Safety Certified Ceramic Capacitors/High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors (PDF: 1.5 MB)

  • CAT NO. c85e-5
  • UPDATE 5/17/2016
Download PDF

Radial Lead Type Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors (PDF: 1.5 MB)

  • CAT NO. c49e-23
  • UPDATE 1/18/2017
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CapacitorsQ&A (Originally published by Nikkei Electronics) (PDF: 11.0 MB)

  • UPDATE 3/1/2013
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