ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) Modules

Murata ISA100 Wireless module is a module which complies with the Industrial Wireless Networking Technology Standard ISA100 Wireless (Standard No.,: ISA100.11a). This product is mainly used for sensors and valves to be introduced in plants. Since the ISA100 Wireless module is structured to perform stable wireless communication without interruptions in the defined timing even in severe wireless environments, it can be used in plants with numerous obstructions and noise sources.
Therefore, it can be adopted for devices used in plants for the purpose of reducing wiring construction costs when introducing sensors and valves in a plant, or introducing devices in locations where wiring cannot be routed.

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Murata Icon X Features

Murata ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module has the following three features;

(1) Highly reliable wireless communication
(2) Low power consumption
(3) Equipped with wireless communication control software

(1) Highly reliable wireless communication

There are numerous obstructions and noise sources which exist in a plant, such as piping and tanks, so stable transmission of data under severe radio wave environments is required for sensors and valves. In response to this requirement, the ISA100 Wireless c module is equipped with the following features.

  • Collision avoidance of data in wireless networks
    The collision rate of wireless data is reduced by performing centralized control of which device is communicating when using what wireless communication channel.
    It is also structured so that a blacklist of the congested wireless channels is created to prevent usage.

  • Backup redundancy of wireless communication channels
    Since a wireless network can be constructed in a mesh form, data can be transmitted to the destination while avoiding channels with difficult wireless communication.

  • Robust communication supporting duplication
    A network management system (infrastructure system) is required for network construction of ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a). To improve the reliability of the network, it is common to adopt duplication of these devices as shown in the figure below.
    The ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module is structured so that data is transmitted to both duplicated devices. Even when there is a problem with one channel, another channel can be used to reliably transmit data to the control system of a plant.

(2) Low power consumption

Prolonged operation without replacing batteries is required for battery operated devices. For this reason, many wireless devices sleep most of time to reduce current consumption, because the current consumption amount while sleeping greatly affects the life of the battery. The typical value of the current consumption of Murata's ISA100 wireless module while sleeping is extremely low at 7uA, where wireless devices can be operated for long periods without charging.

(3) Equipped with wireless communication control software

When installing wireless communication functions into devices, it is very difficult for the device developer to develop software related to wireless communication from scratch. Therefore, the internal MCU of Murata's ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module is equipped with wireless communication control software. Since the ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module performs wireless communication control, the device developer is able to concentrate on the development of applications (control software for sensors and valves) which operate on the microcontroller of the device, without being concerned about the details of wireless communication of the ISA100 Wireless. 

Murata Icon X Product Information

Items  Description 
Product Code  LBBA0ZZ1EU-951 
Dimension  31.0 mm x 21.0 mm x 6.3 mm 
Host Interface  UART / SPI 
Antenna  External 
Certificate  TELEC, FCC/IC, CE, 
ISA100 Wireless Stack 
Operational Temperature Range  -40℃ to +85℃ 
Supply Voltage  2.6-3.0 V
3.2-5.5 V (with internal LDO) 
Transmit Mode Current  35 mA (typ.) 
Receive Mode Current  16 mA (typ.) 
Sleep Mode Current  7 uA Typical
18 uA Typical (with internal LDO) 
Communication Protocol  ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) 
Maximum Transmit Power  +10 dBm 
Receiver Sensitivity  -98.5 dBm (typ.) 

Murata Icon X Evaluation Kit

Item  Description 
Product Code  LBBA0ZZ1EU-TEMP-E2 
Contents  ・Evaluation board : Operate as temperature sensor node
                              (LBBA0ZZ1EU-951 is mounted)
・Capability file : Configuration file for evaluation board
・RF Test tool : Windows application to control evaluation board
・Sample source code : Application sample source code for evaluation board which is provided under Software Lisence Agreement (SLA) 
Evaluation board appearance   

  • Notes for purchasing evaluation kit
    The infrastructure devices shown in the figure below are required to construct a network of ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a).
    A ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) network cannot be constructed just by purchasing an evaluation kit. It is recommended that the infrastructure devices be purchased first.

  • Internal structure and application of evaluation board

Murata's evaluation kit is mainly used for the following applications.

(1) Wireless communication evaluation
(2) Current consumption evaluation of ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module
(3) Application development

(1) Wireless communication evaluation
In the wireless communication evaluation, the wireless communication range, and the effect of obstructions on the wireless communication, etc. are confirmed.

When two evaluation boards communicate 1 to 1 using an RF test tool, the following two items can be measured.
- Received signal strength of the opposing device
- Packet error rate
Accordingly, the communication allowable range and the effect of obstructions can be evaluated.

(2) Current consumption evaluation of ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module
The evaluation board is equipped with a test pad to measure the current consumption of the ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a) module. The current consumption, etc. when periodically transmitting temperature data can be measured after a network of ISA100 Wireless is actually constructed.

(3) Application development
The sample source code of applications being operated on evaluation boards will be provided to customers who have purchased Murata's evaluation kit*. Customers are able to develop their own applications by partially correcting the sample source code, and writing it in the evaluation board. Unused codes in the peripheral of the microcontroller are also released as test pads for the evaluation board. Applications can also be developed by connecting sensors used by the customer to the evaluation board via a test pad.

*Before the sample source code is provided, consent to the Software License Agreement (SLA) is required.

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