Lead Type EMIFIL

Lead Type EMIFIL®

BL0□/BLL/DSS1/VFC/PLT09/10 Series

Murata offers a variety of lead type EMI suppression filters including: inductor type operating from several MHz to several GHz, capacitor type achieving a great noise suppression effect at frequencies between several MHz and several hundred MHz, and common mode choke coils ideal for noise suppression in DC power supply lines, video and sound signal lines, and balanced transmission interface cables. They can be widely used as high-performance general-purpose EMI suppression filters.
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Ferrite Beads Inductor BL01/02/03
 ・ Inductor type EMI suppression filters designed to operate from
   several MHz to several GHz. They are widely used as general-
   purpose noise suppression components to cope with relatively
   minor noise issues.
 ・ EMIFIL Inductor type filters behave as inductors with small
   inductance at low frequencies, while they produce a resistance-
   dominated impedance at high frequencies. When serially inserted
   into a noise transmission path, the resistance component absorbs
   and prevents the transmission of noise.
 ・ Effective in noise suppression A wide frequency range
    (several hundred MHz 30MHz of).

Disc Type

 ・ Capacitor type EMI suppression filters achieving a great noise
   suppression effect at frequencies between several MHz and
   several hundred MHz. Widely used as high-performance general-
   purpose EMI suppression filters.
 ・ The three-terminal structure decreases residual inductance and
   greatly improves the noise suppression effect at high frequencies
   greater than several dozen MHz.

EMIGUARD capacitor with varistor function  VFC

 ・ EMIGUARD filters combine a capacitor and a varistor, thereby
   providing both the surge suppression functionality of a varistor
   and EMI noise suppression functionality.
 ・ Meet the need to suppress both high-frequency noise and high
   voltage surge. Also effective against surges with extremely fast
   rise times that cannot be removed by conventional varistors.

Common Mode Choke Coil PLT09H
 ・ Attenuate common mode noise that causes problems
   in balanced transmission lines.
   They effectively suppress common mode noise
   with frequencies from several MHz to hundreds of MHz, making
   them ideal for reducing noise in DC power supply lines, video and
   sound signal lines, and interface cables

・ Highly reliable and supports large currents (up to 18 A)

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