Basic knowledge concerning ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protective devices and countermeasure components

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is a kind of noise which interferes with the function of an electronic device. This site provides a description of ESD as well as a description of ESD protective devices which are countermeasure components, including their functions, kinds, and also the features of Murata’s products.

Murata Icon X Proposal for each solution

High-speed data communication

We propose the following:
・Method of resolving the issue of deterioration of reception sensitivity in the cellular band due to noise in a differential transmission line

Near an antenna

We propose the following:
・Method of resolving the issue of high frequency noise in the cellular band when using a TVS as an ESD countermeasure
・Method of resolving the issues of insufficient ESD immunity and loss in the low frequency band when using L + C as an ESD countermeasure


We propose the following:
・Miniaturization of not only inductors and capacitors, but also ESD protection devices as well
・Method of eliminating worries concerning the mounting of 0603 (mm) and 0402 (mm) small LGA