Special Feature on the Environment, Part 3 "Toward a Low-carbon Society - Initiatives for Global Warming Prevention-"


Category: For the EARTH
  The Murata Group is embracing the strong eco trend with passion, and in this issue of For the EARTH, I wish to show you just how "passionate" we are, from my standpoint as an energy conservation manager (nonprofessional) in a Murata business unit.

  The business unit to which I belong mainly engages in the manufacture of capacitors. These components are produced by mixing, stacking, and baking ceramics through various stages. The product we finally obtain at the end of this long and arduous process is our small and endearing capacitors. Yes, I find them endearing, but sadly, just like the waste materials discussed previously, the production process generates CO2, the villain of global environmental issues.

  But that's not all. What's worse is that it not only generates CO2, but also generates huge amounts of the hateful gas. Regretfully, but our business unit alone releases some 9,000 tons of CO2 a month.
  If you cannot imagine how huge 9,000 tons of CO2 is, imagine a soccer ball.
   (1 kg of CO2 is said to be about the size of a soccer ball.)
  Then, imagine that the soccer ball is filled with CO2, and you produce 200 of these CO2-filled soccer balls every minute. It's quite a bewildering amount, isn't it?! This bewildering amount released by the MLCC/EMI filter/Power Inductor Department, it pains me to say, corresponds to roughly 60% of the total amount of CO2 produced by the Murata Group as a whole.

  Taking this situation seriously, we have organized a special committee for global warming prevention, and have begun to take measures to reduce CO2 as a Group-wide effort.
  By 2015, we hope to reduce the amount of CO2 emission per one unit of high-capacitance capacitor by 20%, and the amount of CO2 emission per product by 10% for other products.
  Frankly speaking, this is an extremely challenging target. However, all of our business units are working hard to achieve the target, repeating the process of trial and error in reducing CO2 emissions day in, day out. We have reviewed the manufacturing system and have considered revamping our production facilities. We have tried reutilizing waste heat. We have racked our brains and have pondered long and hard, as we consider all of our work processes.
  You may not think these are "passionate efforts," but if we succeed in achieving our target, it would also mean reducing total CO2 emissions of the entire Murata Group. Inspired and conscientious, are we not?

  We want our customers to utilize eco-friendly products, and we strongly desire to keep producing and providing such products to our customers. It is this sense of obligation and responsibility that drives us to work every day. In fact, we are so driven by these thoughts that we sometimes tend to be consumed by energy-saving activities. This, you surely must agree, is "passion."

person in charge: Fukui, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.     S.