Reliability of electronic componentsChapter 1: What is a reliability test?

4/16/2012 Category: SPECIAL CONTENTS

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What is a reliability test?

Next, I will explain reliability tests. Reliability tests are tests for predicting quality during the time a product will be used, from factory shipment to the end of mechanical lifetime in the market. The aim is to select stress factors that correlate strongly with the market environment, set the size of the stress and duration of application and accurately assess product reliability in as little time as possible.
Tests have various test items. Some tests go beyond looking at simple stressors and test the impact of multiple stressors acting simultaneously, and yet other tests have been developed to examine failure mechanisms.

The following chart shows some of the most common reliability tests used on electronic components.

These tests are performed so that only items that have been determined useable in market environments are brought to the market as a product.

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Written by: H. U., Component Business Headquarters