Precautions when mounting an NFC inductor (coupling between inductors)

NFC inductors are always used in pairs. However, when using inductors with a structure lacking magnetic shielding, such as winding type inductors with no sleeve core, the magnetic flux generated by the coils can cause interference that alters the performance of the inductors or allows intrusion of erroneous signals.

Therefore, when using inductors lacking magnetic shielding, the inductors must be mounted far enough apart to prevent mutual interference.

In contrast, in inductors with magnetic shielding, such as multilayer ferrite type inductors, most of the magnetic flux is trapped inside the device. This means that interference is less likely and the inductors can be mounted closer together without any problems.

Therefore, magnetically shielded inductors such as the LQM18JN series are suitable in cases where high-density mounting is necessary.

Precautions when mounting an NFC inductor (coupling between inductors)

This section introduces NFC inductors that can be mounted in a high-density configuration.

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