Noise suppression solution for automotive HQ audio system

Noise suppression solution for automotive HQ audio system



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently introduced, for the first time, 
 (multilayer-type ) noise filters specifically designed for suppressing radiation noise in audio lines without affecting the sound quality. These new models added to its NFZ18SM_SZ  series, are compatible with automotive information devices.



As electrification of automobiles advances, there has been increasing demand for noise suppression in the audio lines of automotive information devices .In these applications, noise suppression products must satisfy two conditions: 1) they must suppress the radiation noise in audio lines, and 2) they must have no adverse effect on the sound quality. This is why there is a need for noise suppression products that have been specifically designed for application in audio lines and for which the sound quality has been verified.



Total harmonic distortion + noise characteristics (THD+N)
These characteristics serve as an indicator for assessing both the distortion rate and noise of audio signals simultaneously. The lower the value, the less the sound quality is adversely affected.



The THD+N characteristics have been dramatically improved in the new products compared with the company’s existing noise suppression products.
Available in the 0603 inch  (1.6 x 0.8 mm) package size, the new products achieve a high rated current in excess of 1A.


Suppression of radiation noise in the audio lines of automotive information devices


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Noise suppression solution for automotive HQ audio system 

Correlation between power level of NFZ18SM501SZ10 and its THD+N characteristics (at 1 kHz), and comparison of THD+N characteristics (at 1 kHz) between the NFZ18SM_SZ series and other noise filters



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