Use of leaded products


Applicable to 150°C environment
Lead type noise suppression capacitors are available for automotive.

Examples of successful noise suppression by a lead type capacitor in a 150°C environment.

Points of Introduction

  • POINT1
    Select lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors guaranteed up to 150°C for the automotive market (AEC-Q200 compliant)
  • POINT2
    Capacitors can also be used beyond 150°C, if within the guaranteed finite time
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"Lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors" increasingly used in motors for automotive

Depending on the installation location of a motor, a temperature guarantee beyond 125°C up to 150°C is required.
As a technique to achieve noise suppression in a 150°C environment, we recommend that lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors be mounted by welding without using a printed circuit board.

In an example of actual use, as shown in the illustration on the right, the lead wires of a leaded product are mounted by welding.

Murata's "RH Series" has ideal features for such usage.
* Please check the details of this series from the above link, or the link on the lower portion of this page.

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If the temperature exceeds 150°C ...

Assuming the severe conditions of an automobile, we can also guarantee cases where temperatures may exceed 150°C depending on the time and applied voltage.
Please feel free to contact Murata.

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Lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors that can be used for noise suppression for the automotive market

  • - LF (Lead-free) & HF (Halogen-free) Products
  • - AEC-Q200 compliant
  • - Automobile surge test ISO7637-2 satisfied (12 V system standard test requirement)
  • - Rating of main series
    RCE Series: 125°C guaranteed RCE Series
    RHE Series: 150°C guaranteed RHE Series
  • - Examples of Applications
    Car safety; motors for running control systems and motors for body control systems
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Here are some examples of the actual inquiries we are receiving.

For a circuit where we are investigating RHE●● specifications, we are having difficulty selecting the most appropriate capacitor because there is a possibility that the temperature may temporarily exceed 150℃. For temperatures of 150℃ and above, please provide product information on the usage track record and conditions under which operation is guaranteed.
In the application product, the total time the temperature will exceed 150℃ is ●● hours, up to a maximum of ●● hours. The voltage applied to the capacitor is ●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
Please provide ISO 7637-2 test data for the RHE●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
We would like to increase the lead spacing of the RCE●● from 5 mm to 10 mm. Can you accommodate us?
-Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For products with a lead spacing of 7.5 mm (RCE●●), it is necessary to spread the lead wires before use. We were wondering what it would be like to have products with the lead wires initially somewhat spread. We would like to try such products immediately.
Please tell us the dimensions and specifications of products with an established production track record.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For welding to the bus bar, we are investigating dielectric heating due to the large heat capacity. Will this harm the capacitors?
Please tell us if caution is required.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)