Customization of leaded products


How to prevent problems caused by lead wire processing

Examples of preventing trouble successfully during the lead wire bending process

Points of Introduction

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    Reduce issues by adopting a product with pre-bent lead wires
Murata Manufacturing explains!Murata,Leaded Products

Utilizing our know-how, Murata provides a lead wire bending process

Most issues during the bending process of lead wires occur when the portion directly under the element is bent. By Murata processing this portion, capacitors can be mounted with no effect on the element.
Murata processes lead wires by a thoroughly controlled bending process; only products that pass inspection are supplied to customers.
For example, using products already processed to the shape of the lead wires (bent element condition) by Murata as shown in the figure below, customers can mount capacitors with no internal processing.

Both Leads Bent Condition,murata,leaded products

In addition to the above, we also offer support for any concerns on the processing of lead wires, such as the "opening of the legs of the lead wires" and the "bending of one lead only to insert the capacitor at a slant to the board," the length of lead wires, and the crimped shape.

Opening of Lead Wires,Processed by Murata,Pseudo-axial Product
One Lead Bent Condition,Processed by Murata

Please feel free to contact Murata for other variations of the bending process.
Murata has abundant knowledge in the processing of lead wires. We will accept inquiries regarding various mounting issues.

Here are some examples of the actual inquiries we are receiving.

For a circuit where we are investigating RHE●● specifications, we are having difficulty selecting the most appropriate capacitor because there is a possibility that the temperature may temporarily exceed 150℃. For temperatures of 150℃ and above, please provide product information on the usage track record and conditions under which operation is guaranteed.
In the application product, the total time the temperature will exceed 150℃ is ●● hours, up to a maximum of ●● hours. The voltage applied to the capacitor is ●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
Please provide ISO 7637-2 test data for the RHE●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
We would like to increase the lead spacing of the RCE●● from 5 mm to 10 mm. Can you accommodate us?
-Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For products with a lead spacing of 7.5 mm (RCE●●), it is necessary to spread the lead wires before use. We were wondering what it would be like to have products with the lead wires initially somewhat spread. We would like to try such products immediately.
Please tell us the dimensions and specifications of products with an established production track record.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For welding to the bus bar, we are investigating dielectric heating due to the large heat capacity. Will this harm the capacitors?
Please tell us if caution is required.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)