Features and Technical Specification of Microblower

- Features -

High-pressure and ultra-thin unit
The most important feature of our microblower is its piezoelectric ceramic based drive system that allows for an extremely compact and thin unit. Using ultrasonic vibration of the piezoelectric ceramic material, the blower functions as an air pump discharging high pressure air from the unit.

While the microblower is much smaller than common air blowing devices, with dimensions of 20 mm by 20 mm and a height of 1.85 mm (excluding the nozzle), it is capable of significant air discharges: 1,900 Pa (maximum static pressure at 15V p-p) and 1 liter per minute (at 15 V p-p and under 100 Pa back pressure). The microblower also offers lower power consumption than more common air-cooling devices, due to it ceramic based drive system.

- Technical specifications -

General Specifications
The product can be provided to the following specifications. 

Item Typical characteristics (@25°C)
Drive frequency about 26KHz
Air flow 1L/min (@15Vpp)
Static pressure 1900Pa (@15Vpp)
Outer dimensions (not including the nozzle) 20 x 20 x 1.85 mm (nozzle height 1.6 mm)
Outer wiring No wiring (Soldering or direct contact is recommended)


Air Flow through the blower
Air flows

Characteristic diagram
Characteristic diagram