1. Inductors (Coils)


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Appearance & Shape

Murata Icon X Specifications

L size 1.0±0.05mm
W size 0.5±0.05mm
T size 0.5±0.05mm
Size code inch (mm) 0402 (1005)
Inductance 12nH±2%
Inductance Test Frequency 100MHz
Rated current (Itemp) (Based on Temperature rise) 500mA
Max. of DC resistance 0.28Ω
Q(min.) 8
Q Test Frequency 100MHz
Self resonance frequency (min.) 3000MHz
Operating Temperature Range(Self-temperature rise is not included) -55℃ to 125℃
Series LQG15HH_02

Murata Icon X References

Packaging Specifications Minimum Order Quantity
J 330mm Paper Tape 50000
D 180mm Paper Tape 10000
B Bulk(Bag) 1000

Mass (typ.)

1 piece


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