Appearance & Shape

Murata Icon X Specifications

Iout(A)Max 6A
Vin(V) 6V to 14.4V
Vin(V)typ 12V
Vout(V) 0.7V to 1.8V
Vout(V)typ 0.7V
LineRegulation (%) -1% to 1%
LoadRegulation (%) -1% to 1%
Outputs (#) 1
Efficiency (%) 90%
Switching frequency (kHz) 1000kHz
Size(mm)W 10.5mm
Size(mm)L 9.0mm
Size(mm)T 2.1mm
Operatingtemperature(degC) -40℃ to 105℃
Circuit topology 2 stage buck
Package SMD
Productseries UltraBK
Product Series Features Ultra-thin Efficient 6A DCDC converter module UltaBK
Brand Murata

Murata Icon X Features

PGOOD signal,
Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection,
Remote ON/OFF,
Vout sense,