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Appearance & Shape

Murata Icon X Specifications

Shape SMD
Size Code (in inch) 0201
Length 0.6mm
Length Tolerance ±0.03mm
Width 0.3mm
Width Tolerance ±0.03mm
Thickness 0.3mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.03mm
Operating Temperature Range -55℃ to 125℃
Mass(typ.) 0.3mg
Number of Circuit 1
Rated Current (at 85℃) 305mA
Rated Current (at 125℃) 305mA
DC Resistance(max.) 0.55Ω
DC Resistance 0.46Ω (Typ.)
Impedance (at 900MHz) 330Ω
Impedance (at 900MHz) Tolerance (Typ.)
Impedance (at 1.7GHz) 400Ω
Impedance (at 1.7GHz) Tolerance (Typ.)
Size Code (in mm) 0603

Murata Icon X Features

1. NFZ03SG series is designed for noise suppression
    of audio lines such as class D amplifier.
    This product can suppress noise about the range
    from 700MHz to 2GHz without distorting audio waveform.
    We have set the impedance specify frequency as 900MHz
    in this reason.

2. The nickel barrier structure of the external electrodes
    provides excellent solder heat resistance.

3. Low DC resistance of NFZ03SG series meets large current.
    Its rated current ranges from 180mA to 305mA.

Murata Icon X Applications

Other Usage

For general

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

Packaging Specifications Standard Packing Quantity
B Bulk(Bag) 1000
D 180mm Paper Tape 15000