Appearance & Shape

Murata Icon X Specifications

Iout(A)Max 10A
Vin(V) 36V to 75V
Vin(V)typ 48V
Vout(V) 12V
Vout(V)typ 12V
LineRegulation (%) -5% to 5%
LoadRegulation (%) -5% to 5%
Outputs (#) 1
Efficiency (%) 95%
Switching frequency (kHz) 102kHz
Size(mm)W 122.36mm
Size(mm)L 86.5mm
Size(mm)T 35.3mm
Operatingtemperature(degC) -20℃ to 85℃
Circuit topology Buck(Step-down)
Package Connector
Type Modules (integrated components)
Productseries MYPMA
Product Series Features MYPAM series is non-isolated DC-DC converter for E-Bike/Scooter's auxiliary applications.
Brand Murata

Murata Icon X Features

Input voltage ranges from 36 to 75V
Fixed outputs voltage, 12V
Up to 10 A of output current and 120w(216W peak)
Small package, 86.5 x 122.4 x 35.4mm
Light weight,160g
IP56 compliance
Vibration-proof case design
Current limit and short circuit protecton
Thermal protection

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