RFID solutions

Murata contributes to solve problems or to improve an efficiency of customer operation by offering unique IC tags, reader/writer, and software. Here are some examples of Murata's RFID solutions which can be introduced in a wide range of fields including retail, medical &healthcare, smart factories, laundries, and amusement.

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Murata Icon X RFID solutions for retailing (retailers)

Judging the authenticity of brand items

By embedding an IC tag in a luxury brand item or jewels allows to verify the traceability of the item.  It also contributes to the prevention of counterfeiting items, and also to more efficient distribution control. Murata’s RFID tags are small and can also be embedded in various products. Consequently, they can also be hidden in places where they are not noticeable such as on a handbag or a watch.

Stock control in warehouses and acquisition of sales information at clothing and detail stores.

In many cases, tock control at retail stores and warehouses are performed by reading a bar code or QR code for each individual item. The use of an RFID tag enables all product data to be read at the same time and reduces work load. Also, by installing dedicated RFID readers, it is possible to acquire customer and sales information, such as the route of an item moved from one place to another, in real time, and use this information in marketing activities.

Product package becomes RFID tags

By using Murata's RFID technology, an antenna of RFID tags can be directly be printed on the packages which are made of paper, for example. This eliminates the need for existing antenna film, and also reduces the cost of the overall tags.

Efficient accounting system by simultaneous reading of product information

The use of IC tags on products in retail stores, such as convenient stores, enables the accounts to be balanced by simply placing the product on an RFID reader. This also contributes to more efficient balancing of accounts at the cash register and reduced labor costs. In addition, the use of automated checkout machines utilizing RFID and also the use of sales data linked with a POS system is increasing.

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Murata Icon X RFID solutions for laundries and control of garment

Control of incoming and outgoing linen supplies

By using RFID, control of lending–out and return of sheets, towels and pajamas at hotels can be carried out speedily. Murata offers highly durability RFID tags for garment control, which can also withstand washing and drying.

Control of the number of times that clean wear can be used and washed

Pharmaceutical factories and semiconductor factories, are subject to stringent cleanliness requirements. The installation of an IC tag on clean wear enables to control the number times that the clean wear is used and washed, contributes to the maintenance of a clean working environment.

Linked to automatic clothing sorting facilities

By installing an IC tag on a clothes hanger at a hotel cloakroom or a dry cleaning shop, and linking the tag data with an automatic sorting unit that sorts luggage or clothing, it is possible to realize a system that automatically withdraws luggage or clothes from the storage location. This system also compares the information on this IC tag with the customer’s IC tag, thus preventing the possibility of the customer receiving the wrong luggage or clothing.

Control of lending uniforms

We also recommend the use of RFID in companies where strict security control of uniforms is necessary, such as companies that are of a public nature, and also security companies. By using RFID to control lending information in real time, loss of uniforms is prevented.

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Murata Icon X RFID solutions for amusement (toys)

NFC tag for toys "Character figures"

We offer new contents consisting of a fusion of analog and digital data, by embedding an IC tag into a card or a character figure, and then using smartphone apps, arcade games, or  home video games.

NFC tag for toys "Racing car"

By installing an IC tag on a mini-car, and installing a reader on the racing course, various kinds of sound and light action can be made when the mini- car passes the location  of the reader, and also accurately measure the time from the start to the goal. You can also carry out a time attack via the Internet, in competition with a remote person as well.

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Murata Icon X RFID solutions for smart factories

We offer solutions for smart factories that are suitable for realizing INDUSTORY4.0*.
*INDUSTORY4.0 is a project being promoted by the German government, aiming at realizing the 4th industrial revolution. 
It involves to connect things in the factory (products, production equipment, and so on) to the Internet (IoT), aiming at higher efficiency in the industry and also the creation of new businesses.

[Human control]

Passing control and security

By combining an IC tag with  an employee’s ID card, you can carry out security control of the entry of a person into a room, by simply holding the ID card when crossing  the reader location, without any need to touchover the reader. Also, you can keep track of the time when the ID card is being read, and apply security that enables only a specific person to enter the room.

Instructions that are appropriate for workers

When a worker holds an IC card with a built-in IC tag, work instructions that are suitable for the worker are automatically displayed on a screen. Also, if a defect occurs in a product, it is possible to determine the worker concerned, and also to apply limits that enable only this worker to operate the machine.

[Equipment Control]

Automatically set the work conditions of the  equipment

Automatically  read product information  from the IC tag, and the work conditions are automatically set and registered.
If the wrong product is set, the work will be stopped  to prevent an error.

Control of the jig location

By installing an RFID tag in a jig, you can perform a check using a reader to see if all jigs have been prepared.

[Product/material control]

Stock location control

By connecting product ID  to the location of the shelf on which the product is to be stored, stock control can be performed in a free location.
The location data can be recorded, enabling the product to be easily found during the picking process prior to shipment.

Automation of  incoming inspection

By placing an IC tag in a shipping box or a pallet, you can read the all product is put in the warehouse by simply passing the shipping box or pallet through the RFID reader gate.

Product flow monitoring

By installing an IC tag on the product or in a tray, production status can be monitored in real time such as the lot production progress and work in process.

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Murata Icon X RFID solutions for medical and healthcare

Drip cross-checking system

In many cases, doctors perform cross check between the patient and his or her medicine visually. By additionally using RFID, preventing dispensing error can be expected and also that the recording accuracy will increase.

Test vial control

It is possible to embed a small tag into a test vial, enabling the inspection items and the patient’s information to be verified. Even in the cold storage, it is still possible to quickly specify the vial information.

Stock control of medicine

By performing stock control of medicine using RFID, expiry date and  inventory status can be controlled in real time,  which helps ordering operation become easier.

Distribution control of pharmaceutical items

You can apply a tag on a medicine container, transportation box, or crate, for example, thus enabling you to verify the location data and controlled condition during distribution.

Control of surgical tools

You can apply  tags even on items, such as small steel instruments and gauze, which was difficult to control using conventional tags. This enables surgical tools  and pieces of gauze to be counted more accurately and easily before and after an operation.

Uniform control

You can control the number of times that uniforms are washed  for the purpose to of sanitary control, and also determine the owner of the uniforms.

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