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UHF band Reader/writer
In order to evaluate the read and write function of RFID, we offer a starter kit (eval kit) consisting of a reader/writer module, reader antenna, evaluation software, and USB interface. It can easily be connected to your PC using USB interface, it is possible to quickly and easily check read and write operation.

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  • Optimum evaluation kit for users who have no previous experience with RFID
  • Uses a compact, inexpensive reader module
  • The evaluation software provided with this kit can be installed from Murata's website.
  • Conforms to the ISO18000-63 (6C)/EPC Global Gen2 standards.
  • Two types of antennas: For long distance/short distance
  • Has acquired certification in various countries (FCC/IC/ETSI/TELEC).

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Outline of starter kit

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