AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)

These products are magnetic sensors using AMR elements whose resistance varies according to the strength or direction of the magnetic field. Combination with a magnet permits non-contact rotation detection or position detection.

AMR Sensor

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These are magnetic switches that are built-in IC that output H/L digital signals based on magnetic field strength.
Magnetic switches are being widely used for cylinder-position detection applications, rotation detection applications such as in gas and water meters, and opening/closing detection applications such as in single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, and refrigerators.

  • Position/Rotation Detection
    -General-Purpose Type-

    General-purpose type that can detect a broad range of movements, such as position detection and rotation detection, through combination with a magnet.Please select the appropriate product depending on the conditions of use (e.g. supply voltages, response frequency).

    Position-Rotation series
  • Rotation Detection
    -High accuracy resonators Type-

    Specialized for detecting rotations.
    Stable output characteristics can be gained, so this type of magnetic switch achieves high accuracy detection of rotational displacements. Using two switches enables the sensing of the rotational direction.



Learn about the basics of AMR (magnetic) sensors, including their general characteristics and advantages, how they differ from other types of sensors used, and more.

Application Guide-Usages and Applications-

See how opening/closing detection, position detection, and rotation detection are used and examples of how they are applied.

Simulation Tool

Download a tool that enables you to easily simulate the relationship between the positions (the ON/OFF area) of the AMR sensor and the magnet.