AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)Basic Knowledge of AMR Sensors (Magnetic Switches)

This presents an overview of AMR sensors (magnetic switches) in addition to their basic characteristics, AMR sensor features, AMR sensor principles of operation, and other basic technical information.

What is an AMR sensor?

Basic technical information on the AMR sensor basic characteristics, differences between output types, AMR (magnetic) sensor sensitivity, and advantages of AMR sensors

Differences from Hall effect sensors

Basic technical information on differences from Hall effect sensors and table of comparison with Hall effect sensors

Differences from reed switches

Basic technical information on differences from reed switches and table of comparison with reed switches

AMR sensor principles of operation

AMR sensor basic characteristics and relationship between magnetic field strength and output, sensor internal block diagrams, and basic technical information on preventing chattering

Detection examples

Open/close and position detection examples and rotation detection examples: This presents examples for locations on the same plane.


This explains the frequently-used terms in AMR sensors (magnetic sensors).