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Murata’s highly accurate, reliable and compact sensors feature low power consumption and are used to detect and acquire a variety of information concerning the conditions and environments of human, vehicles, machinery and facilities. Murata sensors help realize a safe, peaceful and comfortable society by achieving smart and cloud computing for various control and monitoring applications.

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IoT & Murata Sensors  
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  Preventative maintenance and health monitoring

  MEMS Accelerometer
For structural health monitoring
Detection of even slight inclination based on acceleration g
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  Machinery, device and motor control

  Magnetic sensor (Position)
For cylinder and other position detection
Detection of proximity and displacement by change in magnetic flux
  MEMS Accelerometer
For angle measurement, tilt compensation, and inertial measurement units
High stability even in inhospitable environments


  Monitoring (watching over) and acquisition of bio-information, etc.

  NTC Thermistor (Temperature)
For healthcare, for body temperature sensing
Insulated package type with excellent responsiveness
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  Bed Sensor (BCG)
Contactless monitoring of human sleeping in beds
Built-in ultra-sensitive accelerometer that can capture Ballistocardiographic (BCG) signals

  Intruder detection and sensing human presence
  Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
For security equipment and lighting fixtures
Application of pyroelectric ceramic materials
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  Human-machine interfaces (HMI) connecting human and devices
  Magnetic Switch (Open/Close)
Open/close operation and contactless position detection
H/L signal output according to magnetic field strength


  Acquisition of weather and environment-related information

  NTC Thermistor (Temperature)
For ambient temperature sensing
Enables highly sensitive and accurate temperature detection
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  Detection of vehicle movement, turning and stopping

  MEMS Accelerometer
For a variety of vehicle safe-driving functions
Highly accurate and stable
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  MEMS Gyro Sensor
For inertial measurement units (IMU) and a variety of motion control
3-axis accelerator integrated type
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  Ultrasonic sensor (Distance)
For parking assist systems
Drip-proof type with hermetically sealed structure