Rotary Sensor (Magnetic resistance principle) FR Series


Rotary Sensor (Magnetic resistance principle)
FR Series
Application: Rotary detection of motors for industrial equipment

  • Output para sine wave by rotation of magnetic gear
  • Hardly affected by external magnetic field and work stably even in the poor environments (cutting oil, vibration or dust)

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  ■ Application
  • Spindle motor control of machine tool, Motor/ABS of the railway

■ Main Specification
・ Dimensions:Φ22.5x12.5 mm
・ Output Method:Dual analog output(A/B signal) with reference single output
(Z signal)
・ Suppply Voltage:typ5V, max5.25V
・ Output Method:0.6V以上
・ Detection Module (Magnetic Gear):0.4 (A/B signal)
・ Dimensions:12.7x20 mm
・ Output Method:single-phase analog
・ Suppply Voltage: typ5V, max5.25V
・ Output Voltage: more than 0.5V
・ Detection Module (Magnetic Gear):0.3~1.0

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