EPB - Electronic Parking Brake

The electronic parking brake replaces the conventional mechanical lever and wire rope and will provide better assistance to the driver. It also frees the space between the front seats for other uses in most car models. The braking power is adjusted in the EPB electronics to match the requirements set by the longitudinal inclination. It locks the brakes when pushing the button and releases automatically when starting and accelerating the car.

It can also provide a low-speed-traction control and prevents the vehicle from backsliding on inclines, especially in conjunction with an automatic gearbox. The signal can be connected to the distance sensor systems for safe parallel parking even in very tight spots. Integration with theft deterrence systems results in the most reliable immobilizers.

The actual measuring range starts is typically within ±3°, which is converted into the corresponding g-value of about 50mg. This is the offset stability requirement over the entire temperature range and lifetime of the car. The frequency range is as low as possible i.e. max. up to 10-50Hz.
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