Offering high reliability for safety...Murata piezoelectric sounders/buzzers Ideal for electric sliding/hatch car doors

Level of safety required for the new era of “CASE” vehicles

“CASE” (Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electric) are the keywords that represent the trends of the automotive industry. The great changes that will make way for this future of the automotive industry are already underway. Especially in the case of automation and electrification, it is not only convenience but also safety that will be a necessity.

A sounding device that alerts people of danger.

In Japan, the government was among the first to take action in preventing traffic accidents involving elderly drivers, working together with the private sector to promote the use of “Safety Support Cars.” The Safety Support vehicles have advanced safety technologies such as collision damage mitigation brakes, as a way to facilitate safe driving.
The ability to detect and take action is vital for advanced safety technology. Devices also need to be able to let people know when there is danger. Murata's piezoelectric sounder/buzzer has low current consumption and high sound pressure (loud volume) with few drops in sound pressure due to heat load.

Demand for sliding doors and hatch doors

In recent years, the demand for the electrification of sliding doors and hatch doors has been rising for the following reasons.

  • Allows for loading and unloading when carrying luggage in both hands
  • Makes it easy to get in and out of a vehicle even in narrow spaces
  • Makes it relatively safe for young children, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities to get in and out of a vehicle

Though convenient, there have been cases of accidents involving people and things getting caught between the moving parts, raising the demand for safety and thus the need for devices that can generate sound alerts.

Features required in the alarm sound for sliding doors and hatch doors

The following features are required for the alarm sound.

  1. A loud sound that can be heard by those outside the vehicle
  2. A low frequency sound that can be easily heard by anyone, from children to the older adults.
  3. Quality and reliability as an automotive component
  4. A compact size that would be effective even with limited space

High reliability and high temperature capability are prerequisites to meeting such requirements, and the kinds of devices available with these features are limited.

Why companies choose Murata’s piezoelectric sounders for automobiles

High sound pressure levels

Can generate sound at a frequency of 2 kHz, which can be easily heard by men or women of any age.
Have a sound pressure level of 100 dB (typ.), a sufficiently high sound pressure level.

Meets high reliability and high temperature capability requirements

Capable of operation in 105 °C.

Can be surface mounted, which helps downsize units and simplify the production process

The surface mounted base helps make the sounders more compact and lightweight.
Our SMD piezoelectric sounder has a sound diaphragm that vibrates, and it does not require magnetic shielding to prevent electromagnetic noise.
Because it is an SMD type sounder, reflow soldering can be applied.

Superior to the commonly used electromagnetic buzzers

Murata’s original SMD piezoelectric sounders are highly reliable with a specified operating temperature range. Problems having to do with iron sand that occur in electromagnetic buzzers also do not occur in these sounders.

Piezoelectric type Electromagnetic type
Power consumption Low (voltage drive) High (current drive)
Number of parts Less a lot
Downsizing Easy Difficult

Sound comparison (listen and compare)

Click ▶ to play 5 seconds of the actual alarm sound in the different input signals (frequencies).
PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 [Sound pressure measurement conditions: ±1.5 Vo-p, square wave, 10 cm]

1kHz (72dB)
2kHz (91dB) Best
  • *Please be aware of your sound volume before playing.
  • *Sound quality may differ from that of the actual alarm sounds depending on the device being used.

Sample product number and specifications

Product type piezoelectric sounders/buzzers
Series/Product number PKMCS1818E20A0-R1
Size 18.0×18.0 mm
Frequency 2.0kHz
Sound Pressure Level 100dB (typ.)
Measure Condition of Sound Pressure Level [12Vo-p, 2.0kHz, square wave, 10cm]
Maximum input voltage 18.0Vo-p [with polarity]
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 105°C

Free samples available

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We have limited quantities, and they will only be available until our stock runs out.

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