Precautions for use of Pin type Piezoelectric Sounders No.10

Applicable Series : PKM Series (PIN type)

Do not use this product in an atmosphere containing chlorine gas, sulfidizing gas, acid, or another corrosive substances.

This may cause the characteristics of the product to deteriorate, and also reduce the sound volume level or prevent the emission of any sound at all.

<How the failure occurs>

The silver electrode of the piezoelectric diaphragm will sulfurize, resulting in the formation of silver sulfide. Because silver sulfide does not conduct electricity, an open circuit condition is likely to occur.

Sulfidation : H2S + Ag → Ag2S + H2


The electrode has turned black
due to sulfidation.

* In order to indicate cases of sulfidation, Murata has example photographs for different part numbers.

<For reference>
Among our products, Murata also produces a silver electrode type which has been subjected to a simple coating process. Please contact us for details.