Precautions for use of Pin type Piezoelectric Sounders No.2

Precautions to consider when mounting the sounder
Applicable Series : PKM Series (PIN type)

Secure the rear cover pins to the board.

Failure to do this may result in a chattering type noise.

<How the failure occurs>
A vibration occurs when noise is generated causing the cover pins* to collide with the board repeatedly, which may result in the generation of a chattering type noise.
A noise may also be generated as a result of the board striking other parts as well due the force of the collision being propagated throughout the board.
*Cover pins (plastic pins): Used to stabilize the product after it is mounted on the board.

Fig. 1 Rear cover pin strikes the board 

<For reference>
Please secure the pins to the board in order to suppress chattering noises by using adhesive.
In addition, securely fix the parts other than the sounder to the board.