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When you touch your Smart Phone,has it ever felt hot?

Smart Phone

Since Smart Phones are equipped with high-spec features, the phones get hot while in use.

In fact, the inside of a Smart Phone gets considerably hot !!
A thermistor detects this "heat", and transmits the "heat" information to an IC.

  • To protect components that are weak to heat.
  • Allows components to operate with accuracy, which decreases when the temperature increases.

Based on this information, Smart Phones are controlled. You can talk on a Smart Phone without concerns of it breaking. You can send e-mails as well.

A "thermistor" plays an active role in the control.

Thermistors are used in various devices, taking advantage of these characteristics.

Electronic Thermometers
Electronic Thermometers
I may have caught a cold. I'm going to take my temperature. Electronic thermometers are used in such a case. In fact, a Thermistor is measuring the temperature. The Thermistor detects the body temperature.
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners
Nozzles of vacuum cleaners! The nozzle is equipped with a motor. When vacuuming a carpet ..... the motor stopped. In such a case, a large current flows into the motor. In fact, a Thermistor activates and protects the motor from breaking!
Thermistors are also used in many other places

Thermistors are also used in many other places.
PC and Refrigerators, etc...
Themistors are working around you every day!
Do you have any trouble with heat? Thermistors can solve your problems!!