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Murata committed to a smarter and sustainable society
Society 5.0 the New Normal

(New Normal Zone A)

  • Piezoelectric Fabric

    Piezoelectric Fabric Based on the idea that "if we can reuse human movement," we have combined Murata's electrical technology with Teijin Frontier's textile technology to develop electrically conductive fibers that utilize human movement.

  • Wi-Fi® Module
    for Secure IoT Platform

    Wi-Fi® Module
    for Secure IoT Platform
    The Wi-Fi® modules with an integrated secure unique code for Secure IoT Platform enable to compose safe and secure network corresponding to various types of network threats.

  • CO2 Sensor

    CO2 Sensor CO2 sensor is a product with long-term stability and high measurement accuracy that promises to improve maintainability through an automatic calibration feature based on a unique calibration curve algorithm and a dual wavelength (for measurement and reference) NDIR system.

  • Worker Monitoring System

    Worker Monitoring System Solution that will help visualize workers safety condition by collecting, analyzing data through the device that can be installed onto the existing helmet.

  • Fatigue / Stress Monitor

    Fatigue / Stress Monitor Quantification of the autonomic nervous system through vital data and analysis of big data to show the balance and deviation of the autonomic nervous system and we can visualize "fatigue and stress level" which has been dicult to evaluate objectively.

Contactless/Remote communications
(New Normal Zone B)

  • Miraisens "3DHaptics™“

    Miraisens "3DHaptics™“ Miraisens is now a wholly-owned subsidary of Murta Manufacturing. Miraisens' proprietary technology "3DHaptics™" is established based on neuroscientific basis and can create various tactile feelings.

  • Wideband Ultrasonic Transducer

    Wideband Ultrasonic Transducer Unlike ordinary speakers, this is a device that generates wideband sound waves by generating sound waves through heat.

Elemental technologies that support the society
(Society5.0 Zone)

  • Cellular & non-Cellular LPWA Module for IoT

    Cellular & non-Cellular LPWA Module for IoT Cellular LPWA service become widespread in 2020. Murata accelerates LPWA product development having strategic partnership with leading companies of each field to meet customer needs.

  • Coral Accelerator Module

    Coral Accelerator Module The solution overcomes some of the most pressing challenges in implementing AI solutions by delivering superior noise suppression and simplifying printed circuit board design in a smaller footprint.

  • Approach of Inertial Sensors (SCHA600)

    Approach of Inertial Sensors (SCHA600) Our inertial sensor can constantly detect the vehicle's track and direction accurately, even in the locations where global positioning system (GPS) signals cannot reach or in harsh environments where cameras and radars do not function adequately.

  • Micro Batteries

    Micro Batteries Murata offers a wide range of micro batteries with high performance and reliability, taking advantage of the state-of-the-art design and production technologies.

  • Solid-state Batteries

    Solid-state Batteries The full solidification of the battery has been achieved by Murata’s material, ceramic and production technology, which enables batteries to be small, high-safety, high-productivity and surface-mountable.

  • Olivine Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (FORTELION)

    Olivine Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (FORTELION) “FORTELION” is a lithium ion secondary battery with a cathode composed of olivine-type lithium iron phosphate, and has an expected life of 15 years or more with a high level of safety.

  • Lithium Ion Secondary Battery

    Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Ideal for powering compact engines due to the low-resistance, large-current-discharge technology