Ceramic Capacitors FAQQWhat is the difference between Automotive Grade (GCM) and standard grade (GRM) capacitors?


The GCM Series, which has higher reliability than the standard GRM, is recommended for life-critical applications, such as automotive (driving, turning, stopping, safety equipment) and medical equipment, and recommended solely for life-critical equipment. For information system such as car navigation, entertainment (such as car audio or DVD players), and body control such as wipers and power windows, the GRM Series is recommended.

Recommendation GCM Series GRM Series
Application Engine control unit
Cruise control unit
Regulator Knocking control
Airbag system
Anti-locking break system
Four-wheel steering system
Automatic transmission
Suspension control
Power steering
Critical control equipment, etc
Car Audio
Car Navigation
Car air-conditioning
Global positioning system
Direction indicator
Power window
Electric door mirror
Door lock, keyless entry
Backup sonar
Car interior illumination
Accessories, etc.

Warranty Information

There are some differences between the GCM series and GRM series, not only in their applications but also in terms of warranty information.
The following high reliability is guaranteed in GCM series as the high reliability is required for automotive application.
The special guarantee is available for certain items, so please contact our sales representative.

Warranty Information: Comparative table of GCM series and GRM series

  GCM (AEC-Q200) GRM
Temperature cycle 1000 cycle 5 cycle
Thermal shock cycle 300 cycle -
Humidity load
85°C、85%、1WV 1000 hours 40°C、90%、1WV 500 hours
Low voltage humidity load
(85°C 85% 1.3V)
1000 hours -
High temperature load 1000 hours 1000 hours
Retained at high temperature 1000 hours -
Humidity cycle 10 cycle -

※ This table is the common warranty information in our product catalogs.
For each individual warranty information, please review our product specifications or consult the approval sheet. 
For more information of main products, please check the detail spec sheet on our website.

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