Inductors FAQQThere is a method in which a board pattern ends up being created when the required inductance is small. Will inductors with low inductance no longer be used?


When an inductor is configured on a board, varied processing accuracy and varied board materials lead to an varied performance of the set. In contrast, SMD inductors are all screened at the time of shipment to reduce the variability within the set. In addition, the LQP series of film type inductors offer less variability due to their construction characteristics, thereby ensuring more stable performance.

Furthermore, by fixing the pattern design of the inductor on the board, it may not be possible to fine-tune the matching at the final design stage, and the board may have to be re-designed. With an SMD inductor, the inductor can easily be changed. We provide a lineup of inductors with fine inductor tips for greater convenience when performing severe matching circuit adjustment.

Because of these two points, we believe inductors with low inductance value will continue to be used.

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