AMR Sensors FAQ


Dispersion of sensitivity (Hon-Hoff)

AMR sensors has the variations in sensitivity characteristic. Each AMR sensor product has a fixed switch-on sensitivity (mT) under specific conditions of temperature, voltage, and magnetic field application. However, this value varies depending on the individual unit of the product. Dispersion of sensitivity represents the range within which the product falls. 
Note: AMRMS11 series products such as the AMRMS511H with a dispersion of sensitivity of 0.6mT (1.4-0.8mT) are design-friendly because of their narrow dispersions of sensitivity.
Note: The sensitivity specifications indicated in the data sheet do not show that all units of the AMR sensor product display these values. For example, the specifications “1.4-0.8mT” indicate that all units are switched on at 1.4 mT or above and switched off at 0.8mT or below. Individual units of the AMRMS511 sensor have a hysteresis of approximately 0.1 to 0.3mT. 

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