AMR Sensors FAQ

Precautions on Using

Calculating the magnetic force acting on the AMR sensor position

The magnitude of the magnetic force at the position of the AMR sensor can be calculated by simulation. This calculation is based only on the magnet's magnetic characteristics and its relative position with respect to the sensor. It does not take into account data on magnetic materials that may be located around the sensor, for example magnets in motors and loud speakers or materials such as steel sheets that cause bends in magnetic lines. A simulation including the impact of such magnetic materials is very difficult to perform. It is indispensable for the customer to evaluate sensor operation in the actual product in question. 
Experience shows that, when no magnets are around the product, it is safe to ensure 1.5 to 2.0 times the upper limit switch-on magnetic flux density (1.4mT in the AMRMS511H).
Murata provides the customer with support in the magnetic force calculation. However, the company offers no warranty on the results obtained by the calculation.

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