nRF51x22 series

Nordic - Reference Design

"The nRF51 Series is a family of highly flexible, multi-protocol, system-on-chip (SoC) devices for ultra-low power wireless applications. nRF51 Series devices support a range of protocol stacks including Bluetooth low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart), ANT and proprietary 2.4GHz protocols such as Gazell. nRF51 Series devices are also on-air-compatible with existing nRF24L products from Nordic Semiconductor." 
nRF51 Series SoC

Nordic Semiconductor nRF51x22 series are for for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), ANT and 2.4GHz.
Murata is supporting reference design of nRF51x22 as nRF51422, nRF51822, and nRF51922 with Ceramic Capacitor, Inductor, Cristal unit (Resonator) and Balun.

nRF51 Releted link (Nordic Products / Download / Datasheet Site)
nRF51 DK (Development kit - board) 
nRF5 SDK (Software Development Kit) 

Passive starter kit (In collaboration with Nordic)


Reference design: nRF51x22 series
Murata Kit P/N: EKSM-PND51X22B-KIT

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