Murata Power Inducor Selection Tool (MPST) Ver1.0.0
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This document is a supplement to performance of "Murata Power Inductor Selection Tool (MPST) Ver1.0.0"

  1. Hardware Requirements
  2. Start-up and Shutdown
  3. Note
  4. Version and history
  5. Hardware Requirements

1. Operating system

Microsoft® Windows®7
Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Microsoft® Windows® XP
<Excel> Microsoft® Excel® 2003+ 2.Start-up and Shutdown ・Please select "murata_mpst_1_0_0e.xls". ・This tool can be stopped by clicking the "Close" button. *Please read the usage on the "instruction" tab. 3. Note ・You need to enable the macro of the Excel for using this tool. ・The products and data in this tool may be changed without notice. 4. Version and history ・ver.1.0.0 27/08/2012 : first version

Murata Power Inductor Selection Tool