Library for Keysight ADS(for 2011 and later)

ADS is an EDA software of Keysight Technologies, Inc.
This library is the equivalent circuit data for use of ADS2011 and later only.
[Dynamic model]
Version  17.11
Update Dec 7, 2017
What's new
  • Large number of items is available up to 4,111 types (chip capacitors) and 83 types (power inductors).
Intended products​
[Static model]
Version  18.05s
Update May 15, 2018
What's new
  • Large number of items is available up to 13,613ypes (chip capacitors; EIA) and 4,177 types (chip inductors).
Intended products​

Please download this data on the following pages.

Pertinent material​
Installation manual (for Static model) (PDF: 1.5MB)
List of Murata components library for Keysight ADS (for 2011 and later)​ (zip: 1.4KB)
Outline of MLCC S-parameter measurement
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