Library for SIMetrix Technologies SIMetrix/SIMPLIS®

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS® are the simulation tools provided by SIMetrix Technology Corporation, that enable engineers to simulate switching power electronics systems.
With the dedicated data for this software, you can simulate the DC bias caharacteristics of our high dielectric constant type MLCCs and the DC superposition characteristics of our power inductors  based on our dynamic models technology.

[Dynamic model for SIMetrix only]
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[Static model]
Version  18.09
Update  Sept. 21, 2018
What's new
  • Large number of items is available up to 21,405 types (chip capacitors) and 4,177 types (chip inductors).
Intended Products
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Pertinent Material
User Manual  (PDF:1.1MB)
List of library for SIMetrix/SIMPLIS® (zip:1.4MB)

Outline of MLCC S-parameter measurement

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