Environmental Policy

As part of the practice of management philosophy, the “Shaze” (Murata Group’s Philosophy), Murata Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.  (hereinafter called “MME”) is committed to work continuously to reduce impact on the environment.

The  protection  of  our  environment  is  the  primary  importance  to  MME. In particular, we are committed to:-

1. Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements agreed upon with interested parties.

2.  Address the issues of protecting and preserving the environment and reducing MME’s impact on the environment through its business activities by:

-  Reducing the environmental impacts of our products through life cycle thinking

-  Preventing environmental pollution

-  Resource conservation

3. Continually work toward improving Environmental Management System through environmental performance evaluation.

4. Maintain and communicate this policy throughout our organization and make it available to all interested parties.