Murata’s core competencies 1

Murata’s core competencies 1

We will increase our collective strength by enhancing and connecting respective strengths together.

Since most of our sales are generated from products with high shares in global markets, we have opportunities to communicatewith many customers in a wide range of industries, which allows us to stay ahead of and anticipate customer needs.
Murata’s strengths are in our global sales network, technological development capabilities, monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities, and supply capabilities. We will increase our collective strength by combining these elements.

Innovation driven by CS/ES

“CS and ES,” the values safeguarded by Murata, are the driving forces for innovation.
CS means “to create and provide value that customers appreciate,” and ES means “each and every employee feels rewarded and continues to grow through his or her work.”
Innovations and value that customers appreciate are created when each employee around the world feels rewarded and keeps growing while working together. Customer satisfaction then further raises employee motivation. Murata embraces this spiral effect.

Global sales network enables anticipation of market changes and customer needs

Over 90% of Murata’s products are sold overseas.
A network is in place to provide Murata’s services and products anywhere around the world, including in Japan, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Using “marketing by everyone” as our motto, we leverage our global network to anticipate customer needs ahead of any other company, and each employee maximizes value offered to customers.

Continuous R&D investment enables new product development

Murata has built an integrated system of production from raw materials to finished products, and we have been independently developing various fundamental technologies, such as materials technology, and acquiring the expertise that other companies lack by continuously investing in R&D.
By having each production process independently refine technologies and cooperate, we are able to satisfy customer needs quickly.

Strong monozukuri capabilities enable timely supply

All technologies are directly in line with our markets and customers.
Murata’s technologies are closely coordinated and integrated from materials to products. All technological departments move together and realize the provision of value to customers in a quick and timely manner.

Murata’s monozukuri (manufacturing)


Murata has established technologies to precisely control ceramic materials and electrode materials that critically determine the properties of electronic components.

Sheet casting

From ceramic sheets that are 1 μm or less in thickness to complexly shaped filters created by injection forming, we pursue “functional shapes.”


When sintered, ceramic crystal structures shift to achieve certain properties. Sintering is a technique to control these invisible changes within a furnace.

Processing and finishing

Once materials have gained electric properties from the previous processes up to sintering, ceramics are formed into electronic components through various additional processing.

Inspection and packaging

Once completed, products are delivered to customers only if rigorous testing proves
that they are worthy of the Murata label.