Diversity and Inclusion

"Diversity and Inclusion" is part of our corporate culture, allowing everyone to thrive

Murata's employees come from all kinds of backgrounds. "Diversity" and "Inclusion" (mutual acceptance) are considered so essential to the innovation process that we have set up a committee in Japan to promote D&I -the Murata Diversity Inclusion Plaza (M-DIP). The diversity that Murata promotes cannot be considered visible, like gender or race, but is rather the acceptance of individuals' ideas, experiences, abilities, ways of thinking and work styles -those invisible qualities that define a person’s character. At the same time, we do not shy away from conflict. We encourage a willingness to hear people out, and by so doing aim to bring about innovation. When people work with one another toward a common goal, even if their opinions differ, ideas get put forward that might never have occurred on a person's own. This is what leads to enterprise growth and is the reason we promote D&I.
 Of the 15 people on the M-DIP committee, we spoke with three well-informed staff members who shared their thoughts with us based on their unique experiences. 
Mr. Yoshioka, who had worked outside of Japan, expressed the importance of accepting differing world views and ways of thinking: "When you work in another country, there are really so many unknowns. In such an environment you have no choice but to observe others very closely. Since Murata does business globally, it is essential to have the desire to understand the people you are dealing with."
Ms. Kitao, a female engineer, described a significant shift in her thinking: "When I started working, I was the only female engineer in the division, and I was quite nervous and unsure of myself. But everyone around me gave me their support. I found that being able to discuss things freely and openly builds trust and enables each person to flourish. We learn to recognize the value of each other's input and can help one another to improve. I now really appreciate that way of working."
Ms. Furube spoke of her feelings of gratitude for "Inclusion" being practiced at her workplace, where she was welcomed back to work on a reduced schedule after returning from maternal leave: "At one point I was feeling unsure about being able to work and raise my baby at the same time, but I was able to overcome my concerns thanks to the warm support of others in the office who spoke to me. From that experience I learned how truly important it is to acknowledge and accept each other."
M-DIP members understand the importance of diversity and inclusion through experience. Murata wants to have more people within its ranks who are sincerely appreciative of one another and work with energy, knowing that differing views enhance the company's ability to respond quickly to business needs, and that innovation is sure to emerge when the individual talents of each person are brought out. At the end of the discussion, the three spoke about M-DIP's hopes for D&I at Murata.
D&I means bringing together the approaches, experiences, and abilities of diverse individuals, and allowing the clash of ideas to recombine in new ways that spark innovation. M-DIP therefore sees it as something important to Murata's growth strategy as the company sets its sights on advancement for society and culture.