Shareholders and Investors

Murata strives for accurate disclosure of information to investors and shareholders in a timely and fair manner. 
Furthermore, we respect the rights of our shareholders, creating an environment that facilitates easy exercise of voting rights. 


Accurate, Impartial and Timely Disclosure

The Company's basic information disclosure policy is to disclose accurate information to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in a timely and fair manner.

In accordance with the timely disclosure regulations of the exchanges on which it is listed, the Company discloses information applicable to these regulations via timely disclosure systems. The Company posts such publicly disclosed information on its website promptly to provide fair notice of this information fairly to general investors. The Company also discloses information other than that required by timely disclosure regulations through news media and the Company's website, when deemed effective for understanding the Company.

Murata's Disclosure Policy can also be found on the website.

About Disclosure
Disclosure is the public presentation by a corporation of information on its business operations and other matters.
In recent years, such problems as fraudulent accounting and concealed information have made corporate disclosure of vital importance.

Regular Meetings in Japan and Overseas

Murata holds regular briefing sessions so that analysts and institutional investors understand the Company's financial status and business strategies. Once a year, the chairman or president conducts presentation meetings in Tokyo, and the release of quarterly results is supported by a briefing session by the corporate senior executive vice president. The president also holds annual briefings in Europe and the United States for overseas investors. 
Murata's website offers an Investor Relations section to ensure impartial, timely disclosure of information to shareholders and investors. Flash reports, materials from briefing sessions, annual reports, IR releases and other disclosure information are posted on this website.

Shareholder Breakdown

Dividend Policy

Our Goal: Stable Dividend Increases

Our policy on distributing earnings to shareholders is to prioritize performance-based allocation via cash dividends. We are committed to increasing the dividend in a stable manner by increasing earnings per share while giving consideration to raising long-term corporate value and strengthening the company's foundation.

On the basis of this policy we distribute earnings to shareholders through cash dividends after comprehensively considering consolidated performance, the payout ratio, and the level of internal reserves necessary for reinvestment in the company's future. The annual dividend for fiscal 2016 was ¥220 per share. In fiscal 2017, we plan to pay an annual dividend of ¥260 per share.

Dividend per Share and Payout Ratio

Dividend per Share and Payout Ratio

Annual Dividends, Repurchases of Stock and Overall Rate of Return to Shareholders

Annual Dividends, Repurchases of Stock and Overall Rate of Return to Shareholders