SR & LR High Drain -NEW!-

High Drain SR & LR batteries are ideal for high-performance medical devices that require large current loads for communication, lighting, camera, mechanical driving, etc.

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Series Lineup


Murata Icon X Series Lineup

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Murata Icon X Feature

  • Maximum pulse discharge current*1 is approx. 3 times that of standard type!
    High Drain has approx. 3 times higher maximum pulse discharge current*1 than the Standard type to support high peak current requirements.
    *1 Output current condition: Current ensuring min. 1.2 V at 23°C
    [Maximum pulse discharge current to maintain min. 1.2V at 100ms upon DOD 0% (23°C)]
  • Compact and thin
    Ideal to support downsizing for wearable devices.
  • Excellent leakage resistance
    Murata's unique sealing structure, coupled with special sealing material treatment, contributes in excellent leakage resistance.

Murata Icon X Applications

Large current load characteristics, compact and thin form factor, and high safety features support light-weight & downsizing of latest high functional devices.

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Insulin Pump & Pens
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors
IoT, Others
  • Laser Pen
  • Audio Processors

Murata Icon X Video

Silver Oxide (SR) & Alkaline Manganese (LR) High Drain Batteries for Medical Devices
Murata offers SR Batteries&LR Batteries with excellent high-current discharge performance & high reliability to support medical device.